More information on fold away wall beds

Looking for a solution that can help you maximise the sleeping space in your home, use foldaway wall beds. Also known as Murphy beds, this space saving furniture was specially designed to create more space in a small room. They are highly useful in spaces where floor space is limited, such as in dorms rooms, cruise ship cabins, studio apartments, and dorm rooms.

More information on fold away wall beds

What are foldaway wall beds?

Beds that are hinged at one ends so that they can be stored or folded against a wall are known as foldaway beds. These beds are usually flipped at the head to be stored against the wall. The mattress of these wall beds are attached to the frame of the bed and feature a lock at each corner. The beds are laid on wire mesh instead of box springs and do not have bed rails, headboards or footboards.


Space Spacing furniture

One of the greatest benefits of these wall beds is that they help create more sleeping space without wasting your valuable floor space. As a result, you can enjoy extra floor space to play, work or exercise or do other activities besides sleeping.

Multi - functional rooms

Using the space spacing wall beds also provides the benefit of allowing you to use a single room for a dual purpose. For instance, installing a hideaway bed in a craft room or office can be converted into a temporary guestroom. By doing this, you can avoid wasting an entire room especially when family and friends aren't staying over.

Easy Operation

Unlike sofa beds or futons, these foldaway beds are easy to operate. Apart from featuring an easy folding design that allows you fold them away with just one hand, most of these beds feature straps that help keep the bedding in place so that it can be folded up every morning without having to replace the sheets every night.


Comfort Considerations

One of the greatest disadvantages of these beds is that they may not feel very comfortable to sleep when compared to a regular bed. One of the primary reasons for the discomfort caused is the fact the mattresses of these beds sit wire mesh platform instead of box springs.

Tedious task

Folding up the bed every morning or pulling it down every night can become a daunting task over time. The time and effort taken to do the task can often be tedious especially for older citizens or young girls.

Foldaway wall beds are a great choice for all living in small space areas. Apart from being an economical space saving furniture, these beds can not only be customised according to your requirements but will also help complement your home's decor.